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This a life-changing scenario ensnared the world. As the nation grappled with it, McAllen ISD faced a challenge – how to maintain the education of more than 22,000 students of all ages and grade levels. But with great challenges, come great opportunities.

“McAllen ISD is flourishing in this environment. We’ve been a 1-to-1 district for almost 10 years now, and over the last four years we’ve really perfected our skills,” said Dr. J.A. Gonzalez, McAllen ISD Superintendent. “A big part of our strength is our people and our infrastructure. That’s why we’ve been able to maneuver and pivot so fast into this environment of Distance Learning.”

Students mastering skills through Distance Learning – Fields Elementary
Students immerse themselves in Distance Learning – Wilson Elementary
Students going full-steam ahead in Distance Learning – Milam Elementary
Students enjoy Distance Learning – Sam Houston Elementary
Students embracing Distance Learning – Sanchez Elementary
Students continue lessons through Distance Learning – Castaneda Elementary
Students & parents going strong through Distance Learning – Garza Elementary
Student-athlete adapts to distance learning – McAllen HS
Math, Algebra lessons brought to life through Distance Learning
Math teachers collaborating through Distance Learning – Cathey Middle School
Mastering schoolwork through Distance Learning – Hendricks Elementary
Mastering Lessons through Distance Learning – Thigpen-Zavala Elementary
Mariachi Oro making sweet music through Distance Learning – McAllen HS
Lessons from _distance learning – Sam Houston Elementary
History through Distance Learning – Memorial HS
History lessons coming to life – Travis Middle School
Gwendolyn Phillips, Working from Home! Distance learning – McAllen HS
Distance Learning Social Studies – Brown Middle School
Distance Learning Science – Sam Houston Elementary
Distance Learning Science – Lamar Academy
Distance Learning Kindergarten – Sanchez Elementary
Distance Learning English Literature – Achieve Early College HS
Distance Learning_ Biology – Rowe HS
ance Learning_ Art – De Leon MS
Distance Learning_ Advanced Math – Memorial HS
Distance Learning to teach Physics – Lamar Academy IB
Distance Learning provides conduit for science lessons – Morris Middle School
Distance Learning PE – Sanchez Elementary
Distance Learning empowering students – Gonzalez Elementary
Distance Learning connects Mom, Kids and Teacher – Sanchez Elementary
Breaks down science through Distance Learning
Good Morning Gonzalez through distance learning

Despite the challenges, we are still instructing children each day through Distance Learning. Teachers across McAllen ISD are tackling all subject matter using a variety of online resources, like Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Google Meets, EduSmart, Gizmo, Flipgrid, Kahoot, Zoom, Class Dojo, Pear Deck, Notability, Quiziz, EduCreations, Seesaw, Explain Everything, Remind 101 and YouTube among others. These videos illustrate how our teachers go the extra mile to embrace teaching and learning in any environment for our McAllen ISD students.


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McAllen ISD is one of the first 1-to1 Districts in the nation. About ten years ago, the District transformed its technology infrastructure by opting to purchase mobile devices for every student and every teacher, rather than purchasing desktops for the classrooms. Since then, staff has led the way in utilizing digital resources to enrich the learning.

“There are a handful (of districts) across the state and country that I feel “get it” and it’s obvious to me that you guys figured it out. So, kudos to you,” said Dr. Carl Hooker, nationally recognized instructional technology consultant. He touted McAllen ISD for preparing its teachers with summer training over the last several years, offering them an abundance of tools to enhance the classroom and blend the learning.


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“This moment happens and, all of a sudden, that switch has to be turned on and the districts that are doing it well (like McAllen ISD) have already had those practices in place for the last several years. Most districts can only provide one device per family. You guys front end loaded those tools with instructional technology and so now, it’s just a matter of working with the parents.”


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